Growing up in an American-Italian family in upstate New York, my life revolved around cooking and eating. As a child I earned the label of “good eater” so I am confident in saying that my obsession with food started at an early age.

A few decades later, as my quest for vibrant health took shape, wellness became an integral part of my food story as well. Now I cook to create soul satisfying food that also nourishes my body in every way.

In my early career life, I spent my free time cooking for entertainment as I worked in the hotel and project management industries in Boston and later Denver. After landing in Chelan, a small town in north central Washington state, it was time to shift gears and build a career fueled by my creative passion.

In 2014 I completed the Rouxbe Professional Plant Based Culinary Certification curriculum and began crafting recipes for clients, specializing in plant-forward dishes. It was then that I fell in love with food photography, the ultimate mashup of my two creative passions! A new career was set in motion.

Today, I continue to hone my craft as I photograph recipes for clients in my studio as well as out in restaurants, bars or at food events. As a creator,  having the opportunity to help clients engage with their customers through beautiful, delicious photos is a dream job!

Eat well and often,